Let's talk camping adventures as a family, motherhood, adoption, current inspiration and family portraits in 30A. 


Welcome to the blog! This is the place that I love to share recent camping trips with my family, thoughts on preserving our stories through portrait preservation and of course family photoshoots on our renowned 30A beaches. 




A mother in an emerson fry kaftan and husband walk with their two young sons looking at the houses in Seaside, Florida.

I love being a seaside photographer and especially love meeting families that have been coming to Seaside, Florida for decades. Gerrie’s family has been coming for nearly twenty years. See their seaside family photos here!

A little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes peeking out the front door.

Oh my goodness, I love photographing families in Watercolor, Florida and the Sanders family was such a treat! One thing that I love photographing are multi-generational families that come to 30A together on vacation. It sends me right back to my childhood days of coming to Florida with my grandparents, parents, cousins, sisters, aunt and […]

Let me tell you a story. Girl meets girl on instagram. Girls meet up in Pensacola, Florida for lunch and hit it off. Girl becomes my wedding florist and creates our stunning wedding invitations. (So pretty that I have it framed.) Girls do a few weddings together and become legit friends. Then girl (me!) photographs […]

When Laura and I first spoke, she said that she followed me on Instagram back in the day and knew that one day when she was in 30A she would have me photograph her family. Years have passed and this year was the year!! I was so humbled when she told me that she waited […]

Portrait by Olivia Jones Photography This Fall will be three years I have been off of social media excluding the good ol’ dinosaur Facebook business page. I was talking to a friend last week at the park (you know – actually engaged with another person/not device at a common area) and telling her the things […]

Do you ever wonder what life was like for our grandparents? Or better yet – their grandparents? What did their days look like? What were their afternoons like when they got home from work? What was the parenting / work life balance like back then? What were their favorite holiday traditions?  I find myself wondering […]

(Pictured is our museum case in stone.) Your immediate answer may be, “well, both!” Ultimately – yes. Sure. But recently I had a revelation on this that I want to dive a little more into and tell you about.  You may have read that I have a few plans in place to keep our personal […]

How I adore this family!! I have been so incredibly fortunate that so many of my “families” have become friends. I LOVE watching their kids grow up, more get added and see little personalities unfold. The crazy thing is that it goes both ways! So many of my families always ask about our family, want […]

the sun was vividly golden _ This afternoon the sun was vividly golden, which made for some of my favorite portraits of the Beavin Family. It was a special trip for this new family of three because it was the first time Baby S had seen the emerald waters of the Gulf. Sarah has spent […]

I literally remember it like it was yesterday! I was sitting in the Seaside parking lot waiting to meet up with Jen for lunch. We had gone to the same college together – had mutual friends – but rarely hung out together because she lived off campus while I lived in the dorms. I also […]