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This is the place that I love to share recent camping trips with my family, thoughts on preserving our stories through portrait preservation and of course, family photoshoots on our renowned 30A beaches. 
A family sitting on a dock on the bay as the golden sun sets behind them.

If you are familiar with local artists around Panama City, FL or really the whole Gulf Coast, you have most likely heard of Laura McCarty! She is known for her abstract style that immediately makes you feel all the feelings of being on the coast. The greens in her palettes that she intentionally chooses makes you immediately feel like you are seeing coastal dunes and the blues are the perfect shades to match our emerald waters. In fact, we have two pieces of hers in our master bedroom – one framed above each side of the bed above the nightstand. We have another in the guest bathroom! So, it is no secret how much of a fan I am! I am even more a fan of her with her family, though, which is hard to believe!! She makes motherhood look so graceful which isn’t always easy with three young children but somehow she does it!

When we began discussing her family portraits, we talked about letting the environment that we take the photos in truly reflect her family’s lifestyle in an intimate way. We want family portraits that feel like home – and well, that is exactly where we took these!

I met Laura and her beautiful family at their home in Panama City, FL. Close to sunset we trotted down to the bay where they skipped rocks, did handstands, picked wildflowers and watched as the sun sank below the coastal pines.

These portraits feel like such a true representation of their family. Warm, golden and all things coastal.

Two sisters and their young brother sitting on a dock on the bay as the sun sets behind them.
A father smiling sweetly at his older daughter who is in his arms with the sun setting behind them in Panama City, FL.
A mother in a white Suzane sweater walking along with her young son on a dock at the beach in Panama City, FL.
A mother embracing her young son at sunset with sea oats behind them.
A mother and father with their three children looking over a dock at the bay at a crab trap.
A young blonde girl with pig tails looking at a crap trap her father is pulling up over the dock.
A young girl and her family checking a crab trap at their home to see if they have caught any sealife.
A father and his daughter walking on a dock looking at the bay to their left.
A mother with long brunette hair embracing her daughter that is sitting on her lap while the golden sun shines behind their faces.
A couple standing next to the bay in Panama City, FL at sunset.
Sunset over the bay in Panama City, FL.
A blurred photo of a girl running barefoot across the lawn.
A mother gently kissing her oldest daughter on the top of her head after she brought her a bouquet of wildflowers in Panama City, FL.
A father skipping rocks on the bay in Panama City, FL with his kids.
A mother holding her young son as he holds a bouquet of yellow wildflowers.
A mother and daughter running up the dune together to catch the last little bit of sunset in Panama City, FL.

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