Hi, I'm Kaylie b. poplin!
This is the place that I love to share recent camping trips with my family, thoughts on preserving our stories through portrait preservation and of course, family photoshoots on our renowned 30A beaches. 
A mother in an emerson fry kaftan and husband walk with their two young sons looking at the houses in Seaside, Florida.

Seaside, Florida Things To Do

The same bookstore you walk in year after year – only fresh with new books. The same streets, alleyways and boardwalks – only those are fresh, too, tailored even more for a community atmosphere. The same things – only different. The only thing that doesn’t change is the golden sunset that sets every late afternoon in Seaside, Florida.

This is the Phelan family’s story as they have been coming to Seaside, Florida on vacation for nearly twenty years now. They began coming when Gerrie was little but this year she and her family came with their two little boys. I loved seeing Seaside through her stories and recollections of how it has changed over the years.

She wanted to include some of these favorite aspects of Seaside in their photos – which made my heart so happy. How do I take unique photos week after week, year after year of families? It comes by digging into the heartbeat of each family because while they may be drawn to similar things – they are completely unique. A specific family unit is what makes family photos different than others.

Why I love being a Seaside photographer

I started out photographing Gerrie, Ryan and the boys in a cute alleyway near Sundog books in Seaside. Gerrie has always loved the quintessential alleyways connecting through the 30A community, so we had to include these! We then stopped by Sundog books but didn’t stay long because the sun was at it’s prime and beaming down in that direction so we ventured down to the beach.

This is where we found the golden sunset Seaside, Florida is known for! I absolutely loved that Gerrie and Ryan let the boys go completely free with noodles, hats and swimsuits for the beach portraits. When you let the real stuff happen – that’s when magic happens in photos. I love the portraits of them on the beach because they have a candid but portrait style to them!

I honestly don’t know why the Lord lets me serve the families that I get to. I am so thankful because like the Phelan’s, He lets me meet some of the most intentional and incredible families!

A mother and father crouch down on a sidewalk in Seaside, Florida to hold and laugh with their two young sons.
A mother in an emerson fry kaftan kisses the side of her baby boy's face while walking through Seaside, Florida.
A mother throws her son up and down while he giggles as they walk through Seaside, Florida.
A mother and father smile at the camera while holding their two sons in 30A.
A father in a tan and white striped shirt holds his son who is wearing a natural outfit in Seaside, Florida.
A mother and father hold their two sons as they walk through the alleys in Seaside, Florida.
A mother laughs with her newborn son as the father holds their older son on his shoulders in Seaside, Florida.
A mother and her son smile as the oldest son looks on and combs his hand through his hair.
A baby boy in an oat colored oneside tries to steady himself to stand while holding onto a fence in Seaside, Florida.
A young boy is wearing a sunhat and carrying a noodle while waiting to walk down to the beach in 30A.
A mother and father take a minute to pose for seaside photos while playing on the beach with their two sons.
A father helps his young son walk on the beach in Seaside, Florida while the mother hunches over to make sure the young boy stays steady.
A father bends over and his young son giggles with joy on the beach in 30A Florida.
A mother in a natural sunhat walks on the beach in 30A with her newborn son on her hip.
A father throws his youngest son in the air while the oldest son holds his noodle, waiting to go play in the water in Seaside, Florida.

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