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What family photo outfits should we wear this year? Oh, the age old question. We search Pinterest. You look at what everyone else has worn. We cross our fingers and hope that we look good.

Well, I am here to break down for you my best family photo outfit secrets. I will be helping you see all things family photo outfits from an art perspective, color scheme perspective and practical perspective.

You ready? Let’s go.

(The pro-est tip of all – have all of your photos turned black and white. I kid. I kid!)

Back to the good stuff.

Family Photo Outfit Ideas From A Master Artist

You want your family photo to be timeless, impress everyone who sees them and make it look as though your family photo outfits were entirely effortless – like you all just showed up like that. One way to do all those things plus have killer family photo outfits from an art perspective is to take advice from the master artist himself, Van Gogh.

When the object represented is, in terms of style, in absolute harmony and at one with the way it is represented, isn’t that what gives a work of art its quality?

Van Gogh

What is he saying? When we (the object) are in harmony with the way we are being represented (in terms of style) – it gives a sense of quality.

How does that apply to family photo outfits?

If you are have family photos taken at the beach – be in harmony with the beach. Embrace the salty wind blowing your hair. Don’t just embrace it – take advantage of it. Let the sand sift between your toes. Wear something you would normally wear at the beach. It doesn’t have to be a swimsuit – though that looks incredible – wear linen shorts and a top that flows. If it is Autumn, don’t force yourself into wearing something that you are freezing in. Embrace the colors, comfy layers and environment of the season.

One of the definitions of harmony according to Oxford Languages is a pleasing and consistent whole.

When you embrace where you are taking family photos with what you wear for family photo outfits – you will have a wholeness to the portraits (ahem – timelessness). Or as Van Gogh says – a sense of quality.

Family Photo Outfit Color Schemes

The second tip for family photo outfits is nailing a color scheme based on color theory. Almost every brand in the world embraces color theory whether you realize it or not. You are consistently drawn to marketing materials, brands and items largely in part due to the subtle color theory basics that the producers are using. Orange and blue (Florida gators, anyone?) Purple and yellow (LSU Tigers?) I am going to stop while I am ahead with football. Or – let’s hit on one you for sure know! Christmas! Hello, red and green? They are complementary colors on the color wheel.

How does color theory apply to you family photo outfits? If you are planning on taking point one of being in harmony with where you are represented, look around you and figure out the colors that are in that scene.

Is it Autumn and you are in a wooded area where the leaves have not yet started to change? Wear the complimentary color of green leaves – a dark red, maroon or burnt orange color sweater!

Are you at the beach with deep, blue waters behind you? Wear a beige color and embrace a laid back aesthetic.

Use color theory by looking at where you are taking your family photos and using a complementary color to the environment as well as to the others in your family photo.

Or just make it incredibly simple – go for colors repeated the most in nature. The end.

Practical Tip

Last but not least, observe the overall feeling. Think of it in terms of a house. If you were to walk into a formal house you would feel stiff and uncomfortable as opposed to if you walked into a house that was clean and thought out but laid back, you would feel more comfortable.

Your outfit is your house. Wear something that is you. Wear something that is comfortable and you will connect with your family photos more.

See this video.

Top Tips For Family Photo Outfit Ideas

  1. Embrace/Be in harmony with where you are taking photos.
  2. Use color theory to select complementary colors to the environment and people in your family photo.
  3. Style based on the overall feeling you want the family photo to give – formal, laid back, simple, extravacgant etc.

If you apply these three tips, you will absolutely nail your family photos!

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