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This is the place that I love to share recent camping trips with my family, thoughts on preserving our stories through portrait preservation and of course, family photoshoots on our renowned 30A beaches. 

A little girl runs and plays under a huge oak tree barefoot in her backyard during summertime.

I cannot believe Summer is almost over. Some of y’all are already gearing up for school starting back next month. I know we are!

I have to admit – it has been H.A.R.D. having two toddler girls home with me at all times (you can ask Cory about my endless complaining some days) this Summer but when I think back at all of the times we have had together – I am eternally grateful. Yes, it has been incredibly hard working in the margins of nap time, keeping my client experience high and have space for truly spending quality time with my little treasures. But this was our first Summer as a family of four. I have PRAYED for this exact thing for the past three years. These hard, glorious summer days were full of memories that will last – in their lives and mine.

Speaking of things that last … I bought a few boxes at Michael’s to keep our family heirloom prints in as we had outgrown the other box. Today as the girls played today I filled the new boxes up with in my opinion, true treasures. As I was looking at these cherished family portraits, I had the thought – photos are the only thing that gain value as time goes on.

Everything else depreciates or goes out of style.

But pictures?

Those only become more valuable because time is the one thing we cannot store, make up or rewind.

I also think that having the experience of having a little girl who has a total of around 5 photos of the first three years of her life to tell her story – it really seals in that these things matter. We weren’t there the first few years of her life and she won’t remember it. (I mean – I don’t think I lived until I was like twelve and certainly didn’t have a birthday party. My mom is rolling her eyes right now reading this. Lol.) She has five or so photos that tell her story because we can’t do that for her – we weren’t there – and she won’t be able to either. But don’t worry – I have already made sure that the past four months she has been home I have captured every sneeze, tear, laugh etc. Ha!

Anyways – our babies grow. Our grandparents reach their numbered day. It is the story of all of our lives here on earth.

The portraits that I didn’t think were significant when I took them even from this Summer – I wouldn’t trade them for ANYTHING because I can never tell Ry to make that exact face again. Or go back to Selvi’s first Summer as apart of our family.

So, those portraits we have – we can never replace.

All of the things we spend money on – they have an expiration date.

Family portraits?

They only appreciate with time.

Less jabbing – here are some memories we made this Summer on a quick trip to Kentucky to countless days at the beach to camping with friends.

Two little girls wear beach googles on their face while waiting patiently on their golf cart to go to the beach in Shalimar, Florida.

A little girl plays outside in her backyard with the water hose spraying up in the air in Shalimar, Florida.

Two boys set off on the water in their grandfather's old 1970 bay boat at Meigs Park in Shalimar, Florida.

Two little girls slide down a hill on their slip-n-slide.

Two sisters stare into the sky at the beach as a seagull flys overhead on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

A little girl is laying in her pool in the backyard with oakleaf hydrangeas in the background as her sister looks on.

A mother does a butterfly kiss her with adoption indian daughter while playing in the kiddie pool.

A dad swimming with his daughter floating on his back in her blue gingham swimsuit at Blackpoint in Shalimar, Florida.

Two sisters exchange a hug with their beach toys in tow after spending an afternoon on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Two little girls explore in their backyard with safari hats on and bags in tow to collect nature things.

A family stands waiting for their boat to pull up as the sun sets at Meigs Park in Shalimar, Florida.

A little girl with her hair back in a braid jumps in a rain puddle in her driveway in Shalimar, Florida.

An indian little girl runs down a grassy hill barefoot in her Jamie Kay dress.

Two little girls play with sand toys on the beach in their swimsuits at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.

Four boys throw a football to each other in the water while at the beach in 30A.

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