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A little girl dressed up as a princess for Halloween.

Oh, Autumn! 

Can I be honest? I have never used the term “autumn” before this year to describe the season of cooler days and warmer hues. 

… But homeschooling. (Lol!) Seriously, though. All of the classical literature we are reading uses the word to describe what I have previously called Fall and needless to say, it has stuck. 

Speaking of good literature, I held my breath recently when I came across a writing from Laura Ingalls Wilder from 1911. 

Her words struck me because she had no idea when writing it that over a hundred years ago that the epidemic would be even more widespread today than it was in her time. 

What epidemic am I talking about? 

The one that says bigger is better. The one that says the grass is greener. The one that causes envy to eat away at the contentment of our hearts and our minds.

She also had no idea her words would be read by the most disconnected and lonely generation to ever walked this earth.


“There is a new movement in the United States today, widespread and very far-reaching in its consequences. People are seeking after a freer, healthier, happier life.” 

Laura goes on to say that people want to buy larger farms but are discouraged in how much it costs. She says she is convinced that a small farm can bring in all that is needed and more. 

“In a settlement of small farms, the social life can be much pleasanter than on large farms where the distance to the nearest neighbor is so great…. 

In conclusion, I must say if there are any country women who are wasting time envying their sisters in the city – don’t do it. Such an attitude is out of date. Wake up to your opportunities. Look your place over, and if you have not kept up with the modern improvements and conveniences in your home, bring yourself up to date. Then take the time saved from bringing water from the spring, setting the milk in the old way, and churning by hand to build yourself a better social life. If you don’t take a daily paper, subscribe to one. They are not expensive and are well worth the price in brightening they will give your mind, and in the pleasant evenings you can have reading and discussing the news of the world. Take advantage of the circulating library. Make your little farm home noted for its hospitality and the social times you have there.” -Laura Ingalls Wilder, The March of Progress 1911


Can we just take a moment and say dahhh-anggg at the “such an attitude is out of date.” (SISTER.)

But, what about you? What about me? How does this apply to us? 


Be closer.

“It is more pleasant on a small farm where everyone is closer together.” Seeking bigger isn’t the goal. Being closer is. 


Wake up to your own opportunities. 

She literally says this word for word. Wake up to YOUR opportunities. They are there but you will miss them staring at the opportunities of others. 


Look at your own home (business, family, friendships, __you insert here__)

Look inward. Work things out that need to be. Realize what you have. 


Pour into your life.

Read a good newspaper. Brighten your mind, as she says. Seek things that fill your soul – not your toy box.


Be known for your hospitality and the memories you have in your home.

Not your décor. Not your land. Your hospitality and the memories you create. Be known for those things. 


Be encouraged, friend, as we pour into our heart, home, community and family in this Season.



P.S. How cute was our Halloween Princess this year? She mayyyy have had a little bit of Queen Elizabeth inspiration but mama will keep that to herself.

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