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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I wanted to share 10 of my favorite gift ideas for you for the lady in your life, whether it is your wife, bridesmaids, friend or a soon-to-be Bride! 

Valentine’s Day has a bad rap to it for some but I love the holiday! Any excuse to celebrate, I am in! My family has always been big on celebrating any holiday – Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Easter – you name it, we probably give gifts for it! So, let’s dive into a few easy gift ideas!

Hello Lovely People Door Mat

Target does it again! (But when does Target not do it, am I right?) This door mat is super cute and fun! I have actually seen it other places before, and I am pretty sure you could even Amazon this bad boy right in time for Valentines! This is great for a friend of yours that is decorating her first apartment, or heck, anyone who likes cute things!

Mrs. Box

So, I am not a trendy person. I try to stay away from trends as much as possible, but this was a must put item on this list if you have a friend getting married! While this gorgeous ring box is “in” right now, I think it will be in for a very long time because of how classy and practical it is! It is worth the price tag! (If you want extra points with your soon-to-be-Bride friend, order one in her wedding colors!)

Seaside Sweatshirt

I could be biased, but I don’t think I am when it comes to this Seaside, Florida sweatshirt! It is a unisex comfort colors sweat shirt that is the coziest thing ever! It comes in happy colors which make you feel cute while wearing it, even if you are not looking super adorable at the time. (Am I the only one?)


Confession. I ordered this necklace with my new last initial, and since then, I’ve ordered 2 – 3 more for other people. It does not tarnish. It is classy, dainty and simple! You can’t go wrong with this gift idea, either! 


This is another great gift for a soon-to-be Bride! This gorgeous BHLDN hanger makes your wedding dress photos even that much more amazing! I loved how different this one was!

Bride Tassel

This may not be a standalone gift, but in the spirit of celebrating, I had to include this uber adorable Bride tassel from Etsy! It is perfect for a party, a congratulations gift, or even just hanging up as you are planning your wedding! Fun things make mundane things fun! 

Rosehip Oil

Confession. I’ve been obsessed with anything related to the Royal family for yearrrrs. I had the opportunity to see the Buckingham Palace back in 2007, and I kid you not, I sat in front of it for a looong time. I was just waiting for the Queen to invite me in for tea! When I heard Kate Middleton was using the Trilogy Rosehip oil on her face, I had to learn more. Before I knew it, I was knee deep in insane reviews about this little potion! I picked mine up at Whole Foods, and since getting it, swear by it! My face glows in the morning! 


Again, this is just for the party. 

White Marble Coasters

Super cute coasters! I am a coaster and koozie fanatic! I don’t like my hands being cold while holding a drink, and I don’t like wet rings on my coffee table after I sit it down. Insert, coasters! These were white (duh!) and cute!

Saints of Old Florida Coffee Table Book

Last but not least, I somehow stumbled upon this amazinnnnng coffee table book!! Three ladies sat down and wrote about the stories of Florida – fishing, oystering etc. The linen cover, gold typography and classic design of this thing made me drool!! It is gorgeous!! 

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