Let's talk camping adventures as a family, motherhood, adoption, current inspiration and family portraits in 30A. 


Welcome to the blog! This is the place that I love to share recent camping trips with my family, thoughts on preserving our stories through portrait preservation and of course family photoshoots on our renowned 30A beaches. 




Let me start off by saying something I always say – the best family photo outfits you can wear for family pictures are the ones that you already have. Gasp! But it’s true! Chances are if it is in your closet already it is something that you wear on a normal basis that is comfortable […]

A little girl wearing pink snorkles rises up from the water while swimming in 30A Florida.

January is the month that I evaluate what worked in family photography over the past year, what needs to change for this year and also sit for a minute with a few questions.  Is my current work true to my vision as an artist?  (If it’s not you will quickly burnout.) Is it serving families […]

Have you ever wondered how to take better pictures – especially of your own family? Over time I have come to believe there are two different types of photos. One is an image you want to archive and treasure forever. The other is one that simply makes you feel good when remembering a fantastic memory. […]

I met Laura and her beautiful family at their home in Panama City, FL. Close to sunset we trotted down to the bay where they skipped rocks, did handstands, picked wildflowers and watched as the sun sank below the coastal pines.

A little girl plays in the sand in a white heirloom dress as the sun sets behind her in Grayton Beach, Florida.

There is so much history in the Destin/30A area – especially Grayton Beach Fl. There are few that know it better than the Trautmann family! It was such an honor to meet and photograph them in Grayton Beach Fl recently. The Trautmann’s have been coming to the Panhandle of Florida for over fifty years!! As […]

A mother and daughter doing butterfly kisses on the nose while the sun sets behind them in Miramar Beach, Florida

Miramar Beach Photographers To The Bean Family It is such a treat being Miramar Beach photographers – especially to families like the Bean family! From the start of our conversations together, Caylen told me that she was drawn to beautiful aesthetics and unashamedly loves tying patterns together. She had a tremendous job doing this for […]

A group of cousins sitting on a bench in cerulean park in watercolor, florida.

What family photo outfits should we wear this year? Oh, the age old question. We search Pinterest. You look at what everyone else has worn. We cross our fingers and hope that we look good. Well, I am here to break down for you my best family photo outfit secrets. I will be helping you […]

Why we love the forgotten coast of florida as a family As you know – we love living on the Coast and all things/places coastal as a family! One of our (secret) favorite places to go on vacation as someone who lives at the beach is to what is known as The Forgotten Coast of […]

Are you wondering what are the five best books for creatives? Besides taking three years off social media, reading has impacted my creative journey more than anything else to date. Here are five of the best books for creatives, in my opinion, for you. You make look at this list and think these are the […]

A leather family photo album along with vintage, gold picture frames.

Have you ever wondered how to organize family photos? It could be your own family photos or it could be old ones handed down to you. Either way, this is one of my favorite things to do personally as a family photographer. I have spent years nailing down a system that works for my own family. Too many times we post our family photos online and forget about them. It is only when we need them (think high school graduation, funeral etc.) – when we realize the value of them – that we think oh crap where are they?!

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