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It’s officially Summer! I am here for the long days, afternoons at the beach followed by the best nap you will ever experience in your life and all the colors. It has been a blast so far with R! This is her first Summer so we have had to be creative when it comes to the beach. It gets hot here fast in Florida and I want to make sure she stays covered! So, we have been going to the beach early in the mornings and later in the afternoons for the most part but have snuck so afternoons in as well! I don’t know how people do it with multiple kids, but even just with one, I avoid the hassle of going to the store at all costs! So, Amazon prime to the rescue! As promised, here are a few of the best beach accessories on Amazon for us! Amazon has so many good things right now – so I hope to update you later in the Summer with other things we have added to our collection!

  1. Blue + White One-Piece Swimsuit – I haven’t worn a one-piece swimsuit in years but I am all about it this Summer. It is easier to get around in since R is on the go and crawling (lunging) everywhere.

  2. Hand-held aquarium – This is the neatest little aquarium! It is perfect for kids walking along the beach to collect shells and anything else they may find!

  3. Grey + White Throw Blanket – This throw blanket (x 2) is currently in my cart! I plan to put two of them on the ends of our couch for the best nap I plan on taking after the beach.

  4. Baby Pool – This baby pool is a lifesaver! It is easy to blow up and packs up small. Since R is at the age where she wants to discover everything – I put her in this at the beach to keep her from eating sand (aka getting it in her eye because that is the worsssst. Trust me.) Throw some toys in there and she’s happy watching people walk by and playing. Throw in some water and she’s in heaven!

  5. White Kite – Heart eyes. That’s all.

  6. Island Coloring Book – Earlier this year we went to South Florida on vacation and our family had a coloring book they kept open on their table. I found myself sitting there forever! It is so therapeutic.

  7. Women’s White One-Piece Swimsuit – Again, I am here for this one piece and impressed by how well it covered! I may never get in a two piece again. Ha!

  8. Mini Fan – This is technically a stroller fan that we bought for while we were at Disney World, but I have been clipping it onto my beach chair and it’s amazing! Especially when R wants to take a nap on me, it keeps us both cool.

  9. Baby Girl Fish Swimsuit – This is currently in my Amazon cart, too! So cute!

  10. Paula’s Choice Resist SPF Moisturizer – This is the facial moisturizer/SPF I use every day! I am sensitive skin that breaks out easily – especially in the sun – and this stuff works wonders for me!

  11. Jenga – After a long day at the beach (and that nap I am talking about), there is nothing better than no makeup, a big sweatshirt and family games. I hated playing games growing up, and now that I am older there is nothing more relaxing. Ha! Jenga is a classic!

  12. Baby Girl Flamingo Swimsuit – The cutest!

  13. Nets – Perfect for kids (and adults – who am I kidding) to catch things in the Gulf or bay!

  14. Baby White Hat – R wears this every single time she is outside!

  15. Waterproof Playing Cards – Perfect for the beach or pool!

  16. Sun Bum SPF – This is the sunscreen we have used forever! Everyone is raving about Supergoop but I have yet to try it! So, until then – Sun Bum it is!

Hope y’all liked this! Like I said, I hope to update it with more things as the Summer goes on! You can see most of these things in use on my Instagram!

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