Let's talk camping adventures as a family, motherhood, adoption, current inspiration and family portraits in 30A. 


Welcome to the blog! This is the place that I love to share recent camping trips with my family, thoughts on preserving our stories through portrait preservation and of course family photoshoots on our renowned 30A beaches. 




Have you ever wondered how to take better pictures – especially of your own family? Over time I have come to believe there are two different types of photos. One is an image you want to archive and treasure forever. The other is one that simply makes you feel good when remembering a fantastic memory. […]

Minutes before our session was to begin, the bottom fell out of nowhere! (This is Florida for you. Ha!) This didn’t stop the Bell family. They said, “Why don’t you come to our home and photograph us here?” Immediately my mind went to am I going to have enough light? Are they going to love these […]

Ashley was GLOWING. No, seriously. I haven’t always believed in the pregnancy glow, and even now being pregnant myself, I definitely don’t feel the glow (Ha!) but she definitely had it!  While the Anderson family was spending time together in WaterColor, Florida, I had the immense honor of photographing their growing family! They were the […]

I absolutely love this family session because it is my sister and her gorgeous family!! They love the coastal dunes and overgrown trails in 30A, so it was a perfect combination!  I truly think one of the coolest perks of being a photographer is getting to create these portraits of my own family. It is […]

Under the lights, they danced the night away. T + C’s Triple Crown House wedding in Santa Rosa Beach was magical. The love they have for each other is full of so much grace and gentleness. I loved watching them together!  Planning – Beachside Ceremonies + Events

There is nothing like watching Victoria Austin Designs become a Mother. I don’t know if welcoming a child into the world could ever feel natural the first few months, but she would make you think otherwise! She seamlessly transitioned into this new adventure! Let’s just talk a minute about this nursery. You will want to […]

Everyone says to know your “why.”  I have spent so much time searching for mine. One year I thought it was ______. It changed a month later when I thought maybe my why is ______. I was searching for a reason to validate my reason for pursuing photography. Everyone said once you figure that out, […]

The sweet Kyte family had a blast staying in Watercolor, Florida this Summer! They were such a pleasure to spend time with and photograph! These kids made me wish my parents had taken the advice of my sisters and I when we told them that we needed them to adopt us a baby brother growing […]

Shawn and Amanda’s wedding day was a mix of tradition, elegance and coastal details! Shawn and his groomsmen got ready at a super cute bed and breakfast in Fort Walton Beach, Florida called Aunt Martha’s. This gorgeous house right on the water was the perfect place for getting ready details and portraits (and not to […]

Summer is coming to an end soon and a season of rest is about to start for me! The months of March to September are the busiest for me because there are so many amazing families vacationing in 30A! I have had so much fun meeting all of these wonderful people. It has truly been […]