Childhood Series

the CHILDHOOD series


We believe in childhood, in letting kids be little and awkward and snuggly and free.⁣⁣ We believe in family, that we always have one another and that wherever we are is home.⁣⁣ We believe in adventure, and that the Good Life is more thrilling, more satisfying, more sidesplitting fun than cheap imitations.⁣⁣ We believe in imagination — in great books on rainy days, in long car trips with goofy entertainment, and that the good stuff happens after you set down your phone.⁣⁣ We believe in blowing bubbles, building forts, chasing fireflies, and playing dress-up.⁣⁣ We believe that boredom is often the beginning of something wonderful.⁣⁣ We think puzzles, board games, hard work, and opening the door for someone should never go too of style.⁣⁣ We believe being kind matters more than being cool, and character more than winning.⁣⁣ We know that innocence and purity are still worth fighting for.⁣⁣ We believe in “I’m sorry” and “I’ll always love you.” It’s not an easy thing to build a childhood.

But in the long run?

It’s worth it — for all of us.⁣⁣

Jessica Smartt